Undergraduate Summer School in the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame

Introduction to Mathematical Physics and Quantization
May 23 - 28, 2011

This week-long summer school will use lectures and small-group activities to introduce undergraduates to basic ideas from mathematical physics and quantization, and also introduce more advanced ideas with the goal of encouraging students to learn more about the rich interaction between physics and mathematics. Students should have completed courses in linear algebra, differential equations with some exposure to real analysis. The lectures will explain the framework of Hilbert spaces, operators, expectation values, and time evolution. This machinery will be considered in examples such as the study of the Hydrogen atom and the harmonic oscillator. There will be further lectures explaining more advanced topics in quantization. The instructors will be:

Arlo Caine (Notre Dame)
Will Kirwin (Center for Mathematical Analysis, Lisbon)
Peter Miller (University of Michigan)

We expect to provide room, board, and reasonable travel expenses for all participants.


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